Jessica Kaiser

interplay – interference

Jessica Kaiser | Performer l Guitar l performance studies, aesthetics

The Sette Duo by Maurizio Pisati are inspired by illustrious mountain spirits, inhabiting the alpine regions of northern Italy, and are originally part of the instrumental opera Theatre of Dawn. In each duo, the guitar is joined by a different instrumental counterpart: percussion, bass clarinet, saxophone, voice, double bass, double bass recorder and viola. This results in unique challenges of interplay for each combination, while pushing the boundaries of each single instrument and musician in terms of technique and sound. Additionally, the style and specific notation of the compositions invites the duo to emphasize embodied and gestural aspects of the joint performance. As part of an artistic research project on interplay in duo settings, the concert dives into the following questions: How can the musicians achieve a shared sensitivity for sound as a duo while dealing with the idiomatic differences of their respective instruments? And how can a relational interpretation be facilitated by focusing on bodily dimensions and experiential qualities of interplay?

Jessica Kaiser – guitar
Manuel Alcaraz Clemente – percussion
Szilárd Benes – bassclarinet
Stephanie Schoiswohl – saxophone
Jerilyn Chou – voice
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka – doublebass
Zuzana Gulova – doublebass recorder
Silvija Ciuladyte – viola

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