Susanne Scholz

Susanne Scholz (°1969)– is an Austrian musician, specialised in playing Renaissance, Baroque and Classical repertoire on period violin instruments and in conducting ensembles from Renaissance consorts to opera ensembles. She performs, gives master classes and lectures throughout Europe and beyond, lately also connected to projects of contemporary music. From 1995 on, Susanne Scholz has hold professorships in historical violin instruments, chamber music, and orchestra at the universities in Vienna, Leipzig (1999-2017), and since 2012 in Graz. Her professional activities include artistic research, mostly in the field of Historical Performance Practice. Since 2018 Susanne Scholz has been working on her doctoral dissertation on the 400 years old Renaissance violins of Freiberg (Titel: “The Sound beneath a golden layer”) at the University of the Arts in Graz. She has recorded more than 50 CDs; the realization of her artistic research has led to two special productions with her ensemble Chordae Freybergenses (Scandello songs on Renaissance instruments) and with harpsichordist Michael Hell (Corelli’s Sonatas opus V) released by Querstand in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

Susanne Scholz (*1969) – – ist eine österreichische Musikerin, spezialisiert auf das Spiel historischer Vioininstrumente im Repertoire der Renaissance, des Barocks und der Klassik auf und auf die Leitung von Ensembles vom Renaissance Consort bis zum Opernensemble. Aufführungen, Kurse und

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